Expressway construction have high quality standards, especially grain type, grading, physical and chemical properties and cleanliness. Based on this, in order to ensure the quality of expressways, relevant departments have formulated a series of strict standards for sand and gravel aggregates for expressway construction, which puts forward high requirements for the production process and production equipment of sand and gravel aggregates.


Highway construction puts forward high requirements for the grain shape and gradation of concrete sand and gravel aggregates, especially the needle-like content in the gravel. The impact crusher designed by this company can meet the construction requirements. Sand and gravel aggregate.



Counterattack is a low-speed, multi-cavity impact crushing equipment with large crushing ratio and plastic function. The products are mostly cubic and have good particle shape.


Mobile Counter-Attack Broken Drill

Mobile Counterattack Crushing Station takes into account the advantages of product quality and flexibility and convenience. It can follow the progress of the expressway to transfer the site. The products produced are of the same quality as the fixed crushing station and are widely used in expressway and other projects.