Construction Waste

Through the classification, classification, crushing and screening of construction waste, aggregate that can replace natural sand and gravel is produced. The sources of construction waste are diverse, its composition is complex and irregular, and it contains metal, wood, cloth and plastic products. Therefore, the composition of construction waste treatment equipment needs to be determined according to the actual customized process. Please consult a technical engineer for detailed configuration.

Fixed Construction Waste

The fixed construction waste treatment production line is composed of crusher, screening machine, silo, feeder, conveyor, ventilation and dust removal equipment and control system. Due to the different raw material conditions and product requirements, there can be different combinations to meet the needs of different process requirements and different production scales.


Mobile Construction Waste

Mobile Construction Waste treatment production line consists of crushing machinery, screening machinery and auxiliary devices. The difference from various forms of fixed construction waste treatment production lines is that these mechanical devices are installed on one or more dedicated chassis. Mobile construction waste treatment production lines have been widely used in various fields such as ore crushing and construction waste treatment.


Construction Waste

Construction Waste is sent to the vibrating feeder by the excavator. The small waste is pre-screened by the feeder and then discharged. The large material is crushed by the impact crusher. The iron remover is placed above the belt conveyor to separate the steel bars in the construction waste. After that, the material enters the mobile screening station for screening. The large material returns to the impact breaker cycle for crushing.