Mine Tailings

Tailings are one of the products of beneficiation and separation operations, and are the parts with the lowest content of useful target components. The common ones are iron ore tailings, copper ore tailings and gold ore tailings. After crushing and screening, this part of the tailings can be used as raw materials for concrete, building materials, roadbeds, railway ballasts and other projects.

Scraper Feeder

Scraper Feeder can continuously and evenly distribute and transfer materials. It is suitable for wet material, loose, block and large feeding processes in large and medium-sized mine production lines, and can work reliably in high humidity and harsh environments.


Thick Jaw Broken Thin Jaw Broken

Coarse Jaw Breaking And Fine Jaw Breaking is often used in tailings production. Because the jaw breaking tool has simple structure, wear resistance and convenient maintenance, it is very suitable for tailings breaking and has less investment.


Kaiyuan Machinery

Kaiyuan Machinery has a pre-screening function, which can screen soil and crushed stone in advance and transport them directly to the screening equipment by the conveyor belt, thus increasing the output, reducing the loss and improving the finished product rate.