Tunnel Slag

With the continuous growth of the demand for sand and gravel aggregates, more and more companies are turning their attention to mining the stone produced by the tunnel. After processing the mined stone, it can be used as the concrete raw material for the enterprise project. Reasonable use of tunnel slag to prepare sand and gravel can effectively alleviate the problems of lack of ground material resources, high transportation costs and natural ecology faced by the project.

Open Mechanical Hammer Crusher

Kaiyuan Mechanical Hammer Crusher has large feeding particle size, small discharging particle size and multiple functions, thus becoming equipment for crushing large and small materials at one time. Due to the simplification of the process, manpower, material resources and financial resources are saved and the crushing cost of materials is reduced.


Kaiyuan Mechanical Impact Crusher

Kaiyuan mechanical impact crusher has a unique structural design, which can make the crushed finished product cubic, free of tension and cracks, good grain shape, and can crush various coarse, medium and fine materials with a feed particle size of not more than 500mm and a compressive strength of not more than 200MPa. The discharge particle size can be adjusted and the crushing specifications are diversified.


Tunnel Slag

Because the tunnel project generally presents the characteristics of long cycle, large span and wide range, the distribution of cave slag is more scattered, and most of them are distributed in mountainous areas, and the operation area is limited. Therefore, in this case, the mobile station crushing station that is easy to move is preferred.